Travel Reimbursement Forms

Travel expense reimbursement for QUFA volunteers and staff is covered by the QUFA Travel Infromation policy in Section 7 of the Policy & Protocols document. QUFA will pay for return transportation (including airport transfers, taxi/Uber, public transit fares, parking), hotel accommodation, and necessary meals following the current CAUT Per Diem Rates listed below. All receipts should be attached to a list of all claimable expenses, with a date and your signature,

Your travel on behalf of QUFA must be authorized in advance with the signature of an Executive Officer or the Executive Director. To fulfill QUFA’s obligations to our auditor, please fill out an Advance Travel form and Travel Claim form and forward it to Elizabeth Polnicky, our Office Administrator.

QUFA/CAUT Per Diem Rates: Breakfast $23.60, Lunch $23.90, Dinner $58.60, Sundry $17.30 = Potential Total per day $123.40. Meals are sometimes provided at conferences and workshops, so claim only the meals you had to buy. If you travel using your own vehicle, the reimbursement rate is 0.58/km.

Travel Paid by OCUFA: For workshops and meetings sponsored by OCUFA, travel arrangements can be made through their travel agent who will bill OCUFA directly. For accommodations through OCUFA, they usually have a link to an online form for the specific event. For other expenses (kms, parking, etc.) calculations are based on OCUFA rates. Check with Lisa Alexis at OCUFA ( for details and complete an OCUFA Expense Claim Form.

Travel Paid by CAUT: If you are elected to a CAUT committee, all meeting-related expenses will be paid by CAUT according to their Reimbursement Policies and Expense Claim sites for details.