Pensions and Retirement


The University Pension Plan (UPP)

The University Pension Plan (UPP) began on July 1, 2021 after founding Faculty Associations (including QUFA) and university administrations designed the jointly sponsored plan. In February 2019, QUFA Members voted to accept the terms of the 2019-2022 Collective Agreement and to convert the Queen’s Pension Plan to the UPP. The UPP now servers over 39,000 working and retired members across Ontario universities and 12 sector organizations, managing$10.8 billion in pension assets. The UPP website has more information on the plan history. Please also take a moment to register on that site to receive updates. Also, you can read the UPP Member Handbook.

If you’re unfamiliar with pension parlance, you may find the QUFA Pension Terms and Acronyms Document and the UPP Glossary of Pension Terms useful.

Also, please refer to the Queen’s UPP Quick Guide, the Pension Plan Guide, and the UPP Member Handbook for key information about your pension plan.

Queen’s Pension and Retirement Documents

Voluntary Phased Retirement Program (VPRP)

As part of the UPP conversion negotiations, Queen’s agreed to offer QUFA Members access to a Voluntary Phased Retirement Program. Please take a look at the video and slides below as QUFA has offered workshops on the details of the VPRP.

Voluntary Phased Retirement Program Workshop video (May 19, 2021). You can download the slides here.

Pension Archive

For details related to the establishment of the UPP and the transition from the old pension, please stay tuned for a Pension Archive page.

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