Announcements: QUFA Supports National Adjunct Week

Dear Colleagues,

The casualization of the workforce, where employers replace permanent, full-time positions with temporary, part-time jobs with less pay and few, if any, benefits is a growing international trend. In Canada, about one third of all academic staff in post-secondary institutions are now hired on a per course or limited-term basis often with inadequate compensation for the teaching component of academic life. In the United States the majority of university and college courses are now taught by Contract Academic Staff who are referred to as Adjuncts.

Contract Academic Staff are often denied the opportunity to participate in, and be paid for, all aspects of academic work – especially research and scholarly activity and service to the community – and this has serious implications not only for Contract Academic Staff but for students, their tenure-track and tenured colleagues, and the integrity of post-secondary institutions.

Please consider lending your support to Adjuncts across the United States during their National Adjunct Action Week (Feb. 23-27) and their walkout day on February 25th. Orga¬nizers are using blogs, Facebook and #NAWD (the protest’s Twitter hashtag) to raise awareness about these issues. We encourage you to show support and sign a message of solidarity available on CAUT’s Fair Employment Week Website.

At Queen’s this trend is not restricted to academic staff. Support staff in CUPE locals 229, 254 and 1302 are also fighting the casualization of the workforce at Queen’s. Their pensions are under attack, positions go unfilled, and the employer wants the right to hire workers at lower wages and without the benefits earned by CUPE workers. The casualization of the workforce hurts everyone at Queen’s – workers, students, faculty and staff. Please click this link to tell Queen’s administration that you support a fair deal for these workers. Thank you.


Diane Beauchemin
QUFA President