Official File – Article 34

Many Members are unaware that they have both a Human Resources file and an Official File. The file held in Human Resources is your personnel file containing information about your employee benefits, salary calculations, and other things like that. Your Official File contains “[a]ll documents and materials in the possession → Learn More

Family Status

Family Status is an enumerated ground in the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code)[1] and includes both eldercare and childcare. Members have raised questions about how far the University must go to accommodate childcare or eldercare. What if a teaching schedule conflicts with a child’s extracurricular activities? What if a → Learn More

Welcome and Merit

Welcome to the fall term! We have now gone through the first biennial performance review which was developed in the last round of bargaining, a change from the annual review in place for many years. We are always asked questions about this review and merit, so I provide a general → Learn More

What Does the Sun Set On with a Sunset Clause?

By Leslie Jermyn ( Executive Director, QUFA) Many collective agreements contain what are colloquially known as “sunset clauses” on discipline proceedings. The Queen’s-QUFA Collective Agreement contains such a clause at Art. 20.4.4 which states that Any record of a written reprimand shall be removed from a Member’s Official File after → Learn More

Grievance Web Page

QUFA’s Grievance Web site contains a wealth of information for the use of QUFA Members. I have been so busy with arbitration preparations and hearings this summer and autumn that I’ve not had the opportunity to write a substantial “Grievance Corner” for this issue of QUFA Voices. So, I decided → Learn More

Welcome; Reasonable Apprehension of Bias

Welcome to the fall term! The fall term brings with it committee work encompassing all sorts of personnel processes. These include RTP, appointments, and reappointments.  In addition to conflict of interest, the collective agreement now articulates another situation that must be taken into account when making decisions, and that is → Learn More

The Agony of De-Feet

Great West Life and the “orthotics case fee”- Who knew? I thought I would share my tale of woe regarding orthotics. I am now that person who looks for shoes that these rafts will fit into because I want to walk comfortably for as long as I possibly can. Oh, → Learn More

Medical Documents – Prognosis vs Diagnosis

As I wrote in January, short term illnesses such as flu or strep throat do not trigger the Sick Leave provision in the Collective Agreement; they are considered incidental illnesses. Sick Leave in the CA is an employer-paid short term disability (STD) leave that could lead to long term disability → Learn More

Officially Reducing your Academic Responsibilities

There are three methods of reducing your academic responsibilities in the Collective Agreement, whether by reduced teaching alone (Article 37) or by a customized reduction of job responsibilities (Articles 26 and 32). The purpose and implication for each is slightly different, so it is worthwhile exploring what makes most sense → Learn More

A new term and a new CA

Thanks to committed and productive bargaining over the spring and summer, we have a new Collective Agreement. You can find a link to the penultimate version of the CA on the Faculty Relations website directly or via It is currently being edited for accuracy by the parties (employer and → Learn More