Media Coverage

NOTE: All media inquiries should be directed to Dr Paul Young, President, QUFA (e-mail; phone 613.533.6148).

37. The Kingston Whig Standard. 16 August 2011. “Queen’s, faculty association reach tentative deal.”

36. The Globe and Mail. 16 August 2011. “Queen’s University averts strike with tentative contract.”

35. CTV News. 16 August 2011. “Queen’s University staff reach fragile agreement.”

34. Kingston Heritage. 15 August 2011. “Tentative Agreement Avoids Queen’s University Faculty Strike.” This is a reprint of Queen’s News Centre / Labour News.

33. K-Rock. 15 August 2011. “Bargaining at Queen’s”

32. The Queen’s Journal. 15 August 2011. “Administration and Faculty reach Tentative agreement

31. The Globe and Mail. 15 August 2011. “Talks continue to avoid Queen’s University lockout.” This Canadian Press article appears to have partially confused CUPE with QUFA.

30. CP24. 15 August 2011. “Contract talks continue at Queen’s University.” This is the same Canadian Press article that appeared in the Globe and Mail.

29. The Queen’s Journal. 15 August 2011. “Faculty union and administration takes break from mediation to consider offers.”

28. | August 15th, 2011 | 8:58 am “Queen’s faculty strike deadline passes

27. The Kingston Whig Standard. 15 August 2011. “Parties mum on contract talks.”

26. The Prince Arthur Herald. 13 August 2011. “Simpson: The labour dispute at Queen’s represents dire problems in our post-secondary priorities.” There are errors in this article, but it raises important issues.

25. K-Rock. 12 August 2011. “Queen’s Faculty Talks.”

24. CKWS-TV. 11 August 2011. “QUFA Mediation: Just days after settling with one union.”

23. The Queen’s Journal. 11 August 2011. “Faculty union host rally on campus.”

22. Fly FM. 10 August 2011. “QUFA Motion Proposes Uses Reserve Funds for Expenses.”

21. OCUFA Report. 10 August 2011. “Guelph ratifies agreement.” This item includes an update on all faculty collective bargaining, including Queen’s.

20. Engineering Society of Queen’s University. n.d. “Information on Labour Negotiations.”

19. The McMaster Silhouette. 4 August 2011. “Nobody Does Spoiled and Whiny Quite Like Queen’s.” Please note that QUFA does not endorse the views about Queen’s students expressed in this Editorial. QUFA has reproduced this Editorial in its ongoing efforts to keep its Members and the larger Queen’s community abreast of media coverage of the current labour negotiations. This Editorial demonstrates that Principal Woolf’s leaked letter has, unfortunately, confirmed for at least one university the stereotype that we at Queen’s view ourselves as elitists in the pejorative sense of the term.

18. OCUFA Report. 3 August 2011. “No-board issued at Queen’s, Queen’s high-risk labour strategy revealed in principal’s now-public letter.”

17. The Kingston Whig Standard. 2 August 2011. “Leaked letter creates tension.”

16. Kingston This Week. 30 July 2011. “CUPE, Queen’s gather round the bargaining table.”

15. Inside Higher Ed. 29 July 2011. “More transparent than a president bargained for.”

14. On Campus. 28 July 2011. “Queen’s President: quality has been ‘compromised.’”

13. The Queen’s Journal. 27 July 2011. “Principal’s letter leaked to Facebook.”

12. The Queen’s Journal. 26 July 2011. “Stand-off on labour talks.”

11. The Queen’s Journal. 26 July 2011. “Ready to strike.”

10. Our 25 July 2011. “Queen’s and faculty edge closer to strike or lockout.”

9. The Kingston Herald. 25 July 2011. “Queen’s University lockout or strike could happen mid-August.”

8. Fly FM. 22 July 2011. “Queen’s prepares for possible strike action.”

7. The Kingston Whig-Standard. 21 July 2011. “Queen’s faculty association votes to strike.” The headline is misleading; the vote was not for a strike, but for a strike mandate.

6. CKWS-TV. 15 July 2011. “The results of a strike mandate vote.”

5.  Jeremy Richards. “Whither the U of A?” Blog. first post on 15 July 2011. The Queen’s labour situation and QUFA are discussed.

4. CKWS-TV. 14 July 2011. Faculty Labour Unrest.”

3. Kingston This Week. 14 July 2011. Contract talks.”

2. Breaking News on The Border. 30 June 2011. Our unstable contract situation was mentioned in the 4:30 p.m. news on The Border (radio).

1. The Queen’s Journal. 28 June 2011. Faculty strike possible.” The headline could become accurate, but it is premature. A strike is possible, but a lockout or a negotiated collective agreement are equally possible. “A union of faculty, librarians and archivists at Queen’s could strike if an agreement with the administration isn’t reached by June 30.”  This opening sentence of the article is incorrect. We are in conciliation, and we are still a fair ways from lockout or strike. Please read the FAQs on this Blog for accurate information.

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