Maclean’s Magazine Survey Request

Dear QUFA Members,

We have received a request from Maclean’s magazine, asking for wider participation in the Maclean’s annual university survey (see below). If you are interested in participating, click on the link provided. The survey itself includes some questions at the end regarding commercialization and discrimination. If you are not interested in answering any questions (for example, on ranking), they can be skipped.

Lynne Hanson
President, QUFA
Queen’s University
From Maclean’s:
We’re currently conducting a national survey of university faculty focusing on topical issues including: corporate influence in research, pressure to sign non-disclosure agreements, and sexism in academia. The survey also includes questions about quality and innovation at Canadian universities, as well as questions regarding which universities are doing the best research and offering the best programs in ten fields of study. The answers to the questions regarding quality and innovation will help shape Maclean’s annual university rankings and a ranking of ten university programs that is new this year. The more academics that participate in the survey the more data there will be to help quantify these important issues. To thank those who choose to participate, anyone who completes the survey can enter into a draw to win an iPad. All answers are entirely confidential.

Links to the 2015 survey are no longer accessible on the Macleans website.

We are re-working the university rankings this year so as to better reflect what is actually going on at universities for instructors and students. One of the new components we are adding is this survey of faculty. In previous years we surveyed the 24 most senior administrators at each school. This year we’re working with the Canadian Association of University Teachers to help make the survey accessible to all university faculty.