Take Action

  • SGPS Holiday Assistance Program: The Society of Graduate & Professional Students has launched its campaign for cash and in-kind donations to help student parents get through the holidays. See here for details.
  • Bring Back the Long Form Census: If you value evidence-based policy, please take a moment to send a message to your MP urging them to bring back the census. See here for a model letter.
  • Bill C-377 to amend tax reporting for labour organizations is Back in Senate in its Original Form!: See here for background about this anti-union legislation. Consider emailing Senators to encourage them to defeat this bill - a full list of Senators is here. Both Ruth Nancy and Don Meredith (Senators for Ontario) supported amendments last time around.
  • We Teach Ontario: An Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations campaign to promote the connection between teaching and research in Ontario Universities - learn more and take action
  • Canada's Past Matters: A Canadian Association of University Teachers campaign to draw attention to changes in Federal policies regarding Canada's cultural heritage - learn more and take action
  • Get Science Right!: A Canadian Association of University Teachers campaign to urge the Federal Government to restore funding for basic research and research in the public interest - learn more and take action
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Who we are

QUFA is the certified bargaining agent for approximately 1200 faculty, librarians, and archivists at Queen's University. QUFA advances the interests of its Members by promoting equity in recruitment and hiring, by fostering a positive work environment free of discrimination and interference, and by providing appropriate representation for all Members.


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